Canopy layer of the Rainforest. Central American rainforests. Costa Rica and Guatemala.
 Lizards, bugs, and insects when young. Fruits (mainly wild avocado) when older.
 Larger animals. Humans (habitat destruction).
 They are an endangered species.

They are one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

The male Quetzal is recognizable by its nearly two-foot-long brilliant green tail, shiny feathers and brilliant appearance. Its tail can be 60 cm long. The quetzal itself is about 30-35 cm.

It remains camouflaged from predators by the leafy, overcast cloud-forest. Very very difficult to get a clear photograph of a quetzal.

The female is dull in color and has a shorter tail.

They are on Guatamalas' money and worshiped by Aztec Indians.

The Quetzal is part of the Trogon family.

Their beaks are very weak so they build their nests in rotting trees.

Females usually lay two eggs and both parents share in caring for the young.

Adults feed mainly on wild avocados. They will swallow the avocado whole, digest it, and then regurgitate the seed.

They are a solitary creature.