Mexico, southwestern part of North America. South America and Amazon rainforest. Dry and wet tropical forest, grasslands.
 Small plants, fruits, berries and cactus. Some insects and invertebrates.
 Rattlesnakes and other big cats like the jaguar and mountain lion.
 There are 3 species of peccaries. The collared, the white-lipped, and the chacoan.

They are about 12-16 inches tall. Usually weigh 30-60 pounds.

Thet have 38 teeth and have a very very short tail (1-4 inches).

They are territorial and will defend their territory from predators.

Their life span is about 8-10 years.

Young Collared peccaries depend on their mothers for about 24 weeks.

They have very big hind legs and will hide and shelter young under these legs if there is danger.

One Collared peccary will stay and face a predator like the jaguar, while the rest of the herd escapes.

The peccary has poor eyesight and excellent hearing.

Peccaries have long hair behind their necks.

They are pretty fast and can run up to 25 miles per hour.

They are known to travel in herds of 5-100 animals, depending on the species.